Workplace wellness for women

H&H Group supports women to make their wellbeing a priority at work.  

As women, it can often feel like we’re juggling many hats and, in the constant effort to keep everything balanced, we can be guilty of putting ourselves last. This is true even in the workplace, where we can deprioritise our own wellbeing to make sure we deliver on our workload. However, given you will probably spend about one third of your adult life at work, it pays to make that time healthy and happy.


Keep active

It can be hard to fit exercise into a busy week, especially if you have commitments outside of work. Make time during your workday to move – enjoy walking meetings, exercise at lunch take and make the most of any on-site exercise classes your employer might offer. It doesn’t have to be a big commitment – just 20 minutes of brisk walking three times a week, making sure you get your heart rate up. Check out movement apps that can track your day and encourage you to move more.


Nourish yourself

Fuel your body with healthy and nutritious lunches and snacks. Yes, it’s tempting to reach for sugary treats or to buy an unhealthy lunch, so try preparing meals in advance and taking in fruit, nuts or yoghurt for when you’re feeling peckish. Also, it goes without saying that you need to maintain your fluid intake, keep your drink bottle handy for hydration. The “eight glasses a day” rule has been questioned, so it’s better to listen to your body and drink when thirsty, upping your intake after exercise and in times of heat.


Be your own best advocate

As women, we can often feel conditioned to put our needs behind everyone else’s and not to speak up. However, at work this can lead to us taking on too much and not taking enough credit for our achievements. It’s important to find your voice and speak up at work –be your own biggest supporter and advocate for yourself. You’re here, you’re capable and your contribution is valuable. For times when things are tough, take advantage of any employee assistance programs that your work offers. If your body is unwell, you probably go to the doctor, so give your mental wellbeing the same care and consideration.


It takes a village

Women in family situations can typically take on over 80% of the “mental load” at home(household and family chores and duties). Given we make up approximately half the workforce globally, that can be a huge and exhausting undertaking for many women. Lean on your network for support and share the mental load with your family. If it takes a roster and delegation of chores to share the workload, then do it. Everyone can pitch in, share the load, and benefit from the balance. If you’re able to prioritise your wellbeing at work, then you might find you’re happier, healthier and more productive. And that’s winning all round.