The workout you can do at your desk


One of the many side effects of social distancing and lockdown is that we have less opportunity to be active. Gyms are closed, many countries have restrictions on going outside, and incidental movement – such as walking to work – no longer exists for many people. While there are a number of online movement classes you can join to get your heart rate pumping, it’s a good idea to incorporate small “movement snacks” into your day. A few minutes of exercise helps keep your activity levels up and stretches your body. Below are our top exercises you can do at your desk - some of them can even be done while on the phone or in a conference call!

1. Hovering leg raises

 A good exercise for working out your core, sit up straight at your desk and raise both legs so they’re parallel to the floor. Very slowly, lower your legs so they’re a short distance from the floor and hold that position for as long as you can. Release and repeat.

2. Chair dips

You need a strong, stable chair for this, that doesn’t move. Sit down on your chair and put your hands on either side of your legs, so they’re resting on the seat with your fingers pointing towards your desk. Stretch your legs out in front of you and use your arms to push your body off the chair, then lower yourself towards the floor (without actually sitting down). Continue to push your body up and down using your arms in front of the chair seat, repeating the movement 15 times. This is great for working out your tricep muscles.

3. Arm curls

 To work out your biceps, hold a filled water bottle with your arm straight by your side. Slowly bend your arm up from the elbow, until your hand touches your shoulder. Repeat with each arm 12 times.

4. Foot taps

 Sit upright in your chair and tap your feet quickly very for 30 seconds, just like soccer players do in practice drills.

5. Wall sits

Stand with your back against the wall and lower yourself as if you were sitting on a chair. Hold that position for 10 seconds and stand up again. Repeat multiple times to give your quads a workout.