H&H Group continues to build on NewH2 partnerships with strategic investment in innovation partners


NewH2, H&H Group’s corporate innovation arm dedicated to growing emerging health brands with new technologies in wellness, has invested further in two of its existing partnerships and announced strong progress on its other supported brands.

Akash Bedi, the Group’s Chief Strategy Officer and principle in charge of NewH2, said the fund had proven a successful model for partnering with innovative teams and individuals to expand the organisation’s access to pioneering wellness technologies for the future.

“We are now at the two-year mark of NewH2 and have a really solid portfolio of wellness innovations from around the world with growing potential. During the initial period we were very considered about what we invested in and wanted to be very aligned on values and complementary expertise. Following this model has been a strong foundation and these partnerships – Proven Skincare (US), Lumen metabolism device (via Metaflow Israel), Bod Australia, and Else Nutrition (Israel) – have demonstrated to us that H&H, and more broadly, consumer wellness, can benefit. These successes give us great confidence in expanding our program, and we look forward to meeting new founders, brands and products that open up the future of wellness.

“We are delighted to announce that we have increased our investment with two of our NewH2 partners – Else Nutrition (Israel) and Proven Skincare (US). Both partners have been working on really exciting expansions and we want to support that.

“The NewH2 partnership brands have seen really positive successes over the past 24 months so there’s a lot to be excited about. Our involvement has been tailored for each business, from: financial investment only; providing support with our own H&H expertise and resources; supply partnerships for our products; co-creation of brand and product; and distribution and licensing through our networks, which we are currently exploring. It is perhaps a new approach to corporate ventures, one that we believe better combines the strengths of the parties and their technologies and expertise, and business and distribution networks. Supporting them to deliver their products into consumers’ hands, especially during a time when individuals and families are trying hard to take control of their health and wellbeing, is a rewarding role to play.”

The primary brands that NewH2 has collaborated with since its launch utilize global digital platforms and applications, tapping into the shift in consumer behaviour along the spectrum of engagement, diagnosis, sales and support.

Else Nutrition

An Israel-based nutrition company focused on developing innovative, plant-based nutritional products for babies and toddlers, Else Nutrition provides an important food alternative that sits within a niche – but growing – market. As a strategic partner for NewH2, Else Nutrition is in a position to explore distribution in a number of existing H&H Group markets, enabling it to bring its trending product to an even greater audience, one that may not already have access to plant-based nutritional options for children. The brand recently announced its launch in the US and will continue to build presence both in the offline and online channels.

NewH2 and Else have just announced additional investment of CAD $4 million, with the proceeds being marked for product development operations (production and supply capabilities) and marketing activities in the US and other new markets.

Proven Skincare

Proven personalised skincare is an industry innovator, thanks to its unique AI technology that gives consumers a holistic picture of their skin health and identifies active ingredients that will work to achieve their personal goals in a personalized way. Following an initial minority acquisition in July 2019, the Group has reinforced its investment for growth across North America, believing the growth of the brand has opened new doors and opportunities in this unique space. Proven’s unique differentiator is its ability to provide a personalised solution through its direct-to-consumer online channel. This capability – the science-based diagnosis and premium product – has enabled Proven to grow faster during this challenging time and has increased subscription levels considerably.

Bod Australia

Founded in 2014, Bod Australia has a vision to create herbal-based healthcare products, backed by science. Its 2019 partnership with NewH2 led to the launch of H&H Group’s newest brand, CBII, in the UK and Netherlands - a range of high-quality, legally sourced CBD products, and new products for the Group’s Swisse Wellness brand in Australia in oils and skincare.  NewH2’s partnership with Bod is one that can organically scale up as global restrictions on CBD evolve, and markets such as Australia - where the government recently announced over-the-counter, low-dose CBD oils – open up.


Lumen is the world’s first hand-held device for tracking metabolic data in real time. NewH2’s partnership with Lumen’s creator, Meta Flow Ltd., has enabled the company to fund its organic growth by building further capabilities in research and development, product development, and branding amongst others.

Lumen has achieved huge success in its launch market of the US, where more than 11,000 devices were sold in the initial pre-registration/pre-order period in 2019. The brand will expand into Europe, where H&H-owned creative agency, Noisy Beast, is developing promotional plans for the device, and in coming months H&H Group will launch Lumen in Australia.

Mr Bedi described a positive future for NewH2 and said the team was energised by, and committed to, all partnerships and their expansion.

“Innovations and new technologies in health and wellness – it is an exciting space! Taking artificial intelligence (AI) and harnessing that for personalised solutions and everyday needs is becoming key to helping consumers live a healthier, happier life. And this is where H&H and NewH2 come in; where we can support that health journey, we will,” Mr Bedi said.

The fund is open to approaches from new founders with emerging health technologies via newh2@hh.global.