Good Goût achieves B Corp certification


H&H Group is proud to announce that its premium organic children’s nutrition brand, Good Goût, is joining the B CorpTM* community, an international movement of companies that are using their business for the good of the world. The certification confirms Good Goût’s desire to combine economic performance with a positive impact on society and the planet.

Pascale Laborde, General Manager Group Baby Food Global, says, “The values of the B CorpTM community have always been at the heart of Good Goût, but we are delighted to be officially certified. I’ve always believed that companies should be the moving force behind the shift to sustainable development, and drive positive change towards a more wholesome lifestyle. Our communities, employees and customers rightly expect us to set an example and act on it. I’m incredibly proud that Good Goût is now B CorpTM-certified.

“We are committed to the principals of B Corporations, believing that all our stakeholders - consumers, shareholders, employees, society and the environment – should benefit from our existence. As a member of this global community, alongside companies that share our passion and our goals, we want to make the movement’s voice heard. I would like to thank our employees, partners and families.”

Joining the B Corp movement

Companies wanting to join the B CorpTM community must comply with strict social and environmental standards involving governance, community, employees and customers. After a comprehensive audit, Good Goût achieved a certification score of 97.5.

Since its creation in 2010, Good Goût has offered organic products, prioritising raw materials (fruit, vegetables, wholemeal flour, cane sugar) without additives (artificial flavours, colourings, processed sugars) or palm oil. What’s more, Good Goût has been a carbon-neutral company since 2020. The organisation puts a strong focus on the wellbeing of its employees and regularly partners with and donates to worthy organisations and charities who support the health and wellbeing of people and our planet. Finally, sustainability is a big focus for Good Goût and it is in the process of transitioning some of its ranges to plant-based packaging.

With many more exciting initiatives to come, Good Goût is looking forward to working towards a greener future with the B CorpTM community. Its parent company, H&H Group, has reaffirmed its commitment to achieve B CorpTM status by 2025, with Good Goût the first of its brands to be certified. Together, we can move forwards on our journey to create a better world for all.

For more information on H&H Group’s sustainability journey, click here to read our H&H Group Sustainability Report 2019.

*B Lab Europe is a not-for-profit group created in 2014 to serve a growing community of European companies using business as a force for good in society. B Lab measures and verifies companies’ environmental and social performance using the Business Impact Assessment and ensures that strict standards are met by all European B Corps.