At H&H Group, our community is the single most important part of our business. We believe putting people before profit and celebrating life every day.
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H&H foundation

H&H Group have always been a ‘people’ organisation and today we formalise our commitment to giving back to the people and communities around us, and in places where our help is needed.

The H&H Foundation is a formal structure to facilitate our community and philanthropic work but it is also important for our team. Together team member of the group bring our organisational mission to life in communities and across the globe. It will unite our team members and enable us all to contribute to improving the wellbeing, the health, and the lives of individual and families. Through the Foundation we will work with local and international charity organisations to run programs that promote healthier lives under our three pillars of Mind, Nutrition and Movement.


Biostime Foundation of Mother and Child

Biostime Foundation of Mother and Child was jointly established in 2007 with China Red Cross Foundation. It aims to help impoverished family (mother and children) with severe case.

Biostime had an agreement with the foundation, each Biostime product sold will donate ¥0.1 yuan to the foundation. After 10 years on hard working and contribution, till September 2017, we have raised almost ¥25,800,000 funds and donated goods values more than ¥5,000,000 ,helped 1350 children and maternal over mainland China.

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