About H&H

At H&H we have a passion for human wellbeing. Our vision is focused on premium nutrition and lifetime wellness. Where nature meets science, we inspire wellness.

Our brand philosophy

Our mission to make people healthier and happier unites us.

We believe the secret to a happy life lies in the connection with wellness.

We aspire to bring the relationship between health and happiness closer together.

We are a global leader in advanced baby nutrition and care.

We are a global leader in premium quality vitamins and supplements.

Just as we nurture our families and friends we believe in caring for our whole being.

We can create positive social impacts by sharing our principles of mindfulness, nutrition and movement.

We advocate healthier lifestyles so people can live better and do more.

We recognize our origins and remain true to our heritage while shaping the future for generational wellness.

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Our research

H&H Group has numerous research partnerships, including Biostime Insititute Nutrition & Care and collaborations with renowned academic research universities and world-leading researchers, supporting researcher-led inquiry.

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Our commitment to Community & Sustainability

Our wellness philosophy of making people healthier and happier guides our everyday decision making as we understand that to stay true to our mission, this is the only way.

We also understand business has an important role to play in making the society we all live in more sustainable for all, be that through reducing our environmental footprint, increasing the positive social impact of our operations or stimulating economic growth in the countries we operate in.

The H&H promise

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A word from the CEO

“At H&H Group we have a vision to be a global leader in premium nutrition and wellness.

The future of H&H is very exciting as we continue to expand our premium, proven and aspirational brands to new markets and consumers in all life stages.

I am very proud to work alongside such an expert and dedicated team of professionals who come together from across the globe. We’re one big team with one shared mission — to make people healthier and happier, and inspire people to celebrate life every day.”

— Mr. Luo Fei

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