A story of health and hemp: H&H Group and Bod Australia


If you’re interested in wellness, then you’ve probably heard of CBD oil. It’s the name on everyone’s lips and its products are starting to feature on everyone’s shelves. If you’re yet to delve into the world of CBD, then get ready, as you’re about to get an education.

Let’s first address the question everyone wants to know. Yes, CBD comes from hemp, no, it’s not going to get you high. CBD stands for cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive compound found in the Cannabis sativa L. plant, (the fancy name for hemp). Thanks to its association with cannabis, people may have apprehensions about CBD oil. However, it is extremely low in hemp’s psychoactive compound tetrahydrocannabinol (also known as THC), therefore it won’t impact cognitive function. These days, CBD can be used to support general wellbeing and can be found in everything from oils, capsules and topicals, to teas, gummies and skincare.

More ways to enjoy health and happiness

As part of H&H Group’s mission to bring health and happiness to millions around the world, it is constantly seeking out and exploring innovative opportunities to support consumers with managing their wellbeing. In 2019, H&H Group ventured into exciting new wellness territories when it partnered with Bod Australia through H&H Group’s innovation arm, NewH2.


Founded in 2014, Bod Australia has a vision to create herbal-based healthcare products, backed by science. When opportunities to explore CBD opened up in 2016, this was a natural extension to Bod’s existing herbal-based ranges, and the organisation’s focus shifted to harnessing these extracts and compounds for the health benefits of consumers and patients alike.

This partnership combines the expertise of two leading organisations, uniting their desire to develop and share the unique and significant health benefits that CBD and hemp offers with a wider audience.

Meet the new CBII CBD range

CBII CBD is the first offering from H&H Group and Bod Australia. A range of high-quality, legally-sourced CBD products, it contains full spectrum CBD oil, which means that it keeps intact many of the compounds found in hemp, so it’s closer to the natural plant. Its name is inspired by the cannabinoid receptors in the human endocannabinoid system, which contribute positively to mood when activated.


CBII is available in a selection of oils and more recently in a new range of capsules that are infused with vitamins and minerals to support individual wellness needs. CBII is created from plants grown with low levels of THC (less than 0.2%) and high levels of CBD, thereby avoiding the “high” effects associated with marijuana consumption.

An exclusive extraction process

Both H&H Group and Bod Australia had a desire to create a product that is world-class, hence why they chose to partner with Swiss-based CBD producer, Linnea SA, to craft the CBII range. Linnea SA is an industry leader thanks to its commitment to standardisation, on-going research and clinical applications, quality certification, and pharmaceutical experience.


The exclusive, patented extraction process for CBII CBD uses the “inflourences” – the parts of the plant that provide the ideal components – to make CBD oil. It involves a sustainable and clean ethanol extraction method, which is low-powered and gentle, to extract the richest source of cannabinoids. Such a process means there is no damage to the cannabinoids, terpenes or other parts of the plant, like flavonoids, and the result is fuller, high-quality CBD oil, which is as close to the natural plant as possible. The CBD is later dissolved in Medium Triglyceride (MCT) to ensure its stability. The hemp used for CBD is GMO-free and legally sourced in the EU, before being extracted in Switzerland and bottled in the UK.

The importance of quality and sustainability

The benefit of this patented extraction process is that no other manufacturer can make the same CBD, and that, thanks to the extraction process and meticulous quality control, there is certainty over the exact CBD content of each product.

Every batch of CBII undergoes continual quality testing throughout each stage of its creation and is completely batch traceable, ensuring consistent high-quality products. What's more, the CBD is meticulously made adhering to Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP) and accredited European GMP manufacturing standards.


Sustainability is an important component of both the process and the final product. When Linnea completes the CBD extraction process, they recycle any plant matter they don't use. The facility is fuelled by manure, sewage and other agricultural by-products produced by two local farms, and over 90% of ethanol produced during the extraction process is recycled. For the CBII CBD product range, the outer packaging is made from 100% recyclable hemp packaging.

For those interested in trying CBII CBD products, the range is available direct to consumers in the UK aged over 18, via https://www.cbii-cbd.com/.

Say hello to hemp oil

For consumers who want to experience the benefits of hemp but who aren’t able to access CBD or would prefer an alternative option, the new Swisse Hemp Seed Oil wellness and skincare ranges are available. Made with 100% Australian cold pressed hemp oil, the ranges provide a balanced source of omega 3, antioxidants and six essential fatty acids, to support nutritional and skin health. Each ingestible wellness product is infused with additional ingredients such as turmeric or green tea, to further deliver functional health benefits.


This is just the beginning of H&H Group’s CBD and hemp oil offerings, and we’re looking forward to working with Bod Australia to develop even more innovative and creative ways to bring CBD’s benefits to a wider audience.